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Andromeda Galaxy M31

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Cavendish Memorial Hall.
Cavendish, Suffolk CO10 8AG

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01787 882027

Don't hesitate; just get in touch for a friendly response from a club member.

Just think, you could be learning about the night sky and out observing with like-minded people - you don't need to own your own telescope either.
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Join a thriving astronomy club in the West of Suffolk. Listen to talks given by expert speakers, receive advice on what equipment you perhaps would like to buy and what to observe in the night sky.  You'll find that we're a friendly bunch with one thing in common - Astronomy.

Cavendish Community Hall
Cavendish Sudbury CO10 8AG
Sudbury CO10 8AG

We meet at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of every month.
01787 000 000